Feasible Cloud Computing & Compliance

Affordable and Compliant Azure Cloud utilization for Small & Medium Enterprises.

Microsoft’s multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service, is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that provides a robust set of capabilities to manage users and groups. DBJ.systems Cloud Computing Division, is your service for assessment, planning, design and implementation of Azure AD. An affordable, easy to use solution to give your employees and business partners SSO(single sign-on) access to thousands of cloud SaaS Applications. To protect sensitive data and applications use Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication, as it prevents unauthorized access to both on-premises and cloud applications by providing an additional level of authentication. Additionally, use Active Directory Federated Services to extend existing on-premise AD infrastructure to Azure and Office 365 applications thus integrating your on-premises and cloud environments.


Azure Active Directory

Essential for connecting your in-house systems with Azure Cloud. Integrating  with domain on premises.


Legacy to Azure Cloud

Sort and transport your legacy  data to three targets: Cloud, online archive and offline storage.


In years past this is recognized as one rather necessary and rather expensive IT service. If D&R plan is not on your checklist, DBJ.Systems, Cloud Computing division, can offer you feasible solution, based on the Azure cloud. Disaster recovery plan has a different meaning to a different organization. How an IT disaster affects your company defines your recovery plans. Microsoft Azure infrastructure provides you with a safe and reliable backup & disaster recovery solution via its Azure Site Recovery service. When a disaster occurs, companies have the guarantee that the data is perfectly safe in the Azure cloud and can use the replicated systems to have a working data center in the Azure and be up and running.


DBJ.systems offers comprehensive service to cloudify your data! We can help Migrating your data to the more affordable and secure Azure cloud data services by estimating, assessing and classifying your current data repositories. Be these are sourced from various email systems, applications or databases data can be transferred to a cloud for archiving(inactive data), backup(active archived) and share (active).


Disaster & Recovery

Azure Cloud makes secondary IT system service feasible. Essential IT compliance service, now possible for SME's.